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Use our trust based communication stack in your systems and devices. You will get a better authentication mechanism with a distributed security model, and there is no single cloud in the center. You'll get secure communication, with sophisticated features you are not used to see. Autonomous Things can communicate locally, remotely, horizontally and independently. Kickstart your project using our convenient code base, which already can communicate with our reference mobile app. Connect systems together, and get passionated people committed in working on their own expertise area, and publish them as (micro) services. Create a real time distributed collaboration throughout your whole supply and distribution chains. You’ll take giant leaps in your business.

Enable Identity-Based Communication in your solution - get ready for Industry 4.0

Each running instance of the stack maintains own unique (self-created) identities, which form the foundation for the secure communication. Establish trusted communication by pairing identities. Let external authentication services verify your identity connections, by successfully logging in to each of them, and in return receive a certificate issued to your own identity. (This requires support for the identity based communication at the authentication service or by wrappers).

You have an identity authenticated in several verticals simultaneously, and it can expose trustworthy identifying evidences corresponding to each vendors requirements. All without introducing new usernames or passwords.

Audit Trails

The stack can log audit trails, which help you maintain individual accountability. This is rarely found in IoT solutions, but very useful within decentralised multi-vendor ecosystems. Define your own audit events, which will require digitally signed commands by the remote identities, in order to invoke the action. These commands are tracked by indisputable log files. Very convenient.

Distributed multi-vendor ecosystem of services and micro services

Share your services and features with others, and define your own criteria for trust. In this way you're together forming a truly distributed ecosystem of services.

Quicker development

Reduce time-to-market by choosing this off-the-shelf cybersecurity technology. Focus on your work and product, do not spend time on re-inventing advanced IoT communication features.

Higher security

Large amounts of strong passwords are neither user friendly nor secure. Use identity relations instead. We provide a security model for multi-vendor ecosystems, with no-one in a central position uncomfortable for others.
Excessive power causes data silos.

Better user experience

All systems are reachable from one place, with a single sign on. No new usernames, less passwords to remember. Intuitive pairing.

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